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Doctors recognize curses! Can you?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Got Curses?

Curses what are they,

where do they come from

and how to break them.

How many times have you gone to a doctor's appointment, and before you were able to see the provider, you had to fill out a very lengthy and detailed report of your family history? Ever wonder why the health of your grandpa is relevant when you are only there for the seasonal flu?

The answer is "CURSES".

Simply put, your family history on that detailed report is a list of the curses from your family tree, working their way down your bloodline, and into your life. Ever met anyone who has said, "Well, my great grandma died of cancer, and my grandpa died of cancer, and my mom's brother died of cancer. I probably will get cancer as well. Everyone in my family dies of cancer." ...even when these diseases are not generational in nature, nor do they possess remarkable genetic markers.

We find a common denominator with issues like these in the area of sickness, diseases, addiction and many behaviors such as abuse, risk taking, gambling and even speeding. Of course we do inherit positive attributes from our generational family lines as well as healthy lifestyles and good habits from our environments. But look at the negative; the cycles of abuse, gambling, obesity, aggression, shyness, phobias and numerous others.

Anything in your life that you wish you could change, but have not been able to change.... is a curse.

I have often heard people say, "I didn't mean to cheat." or " I didn't want to cheat. " .. And so often it is more than one's diet that gets hurt!

Breaking a curse is very important. By breaking a curse, you are coming out of agreement with that issue in your life, and breaking the authority that curse has had in your life. By breaking generational curses, you are able to stop the curse continuing on in the lives of your children and future generations. The pain and suffering that one endures significantly gives strength to a curse. Therefore inner-healing , forgiveness and releasing are key components, as well as breaking soul ties and spirit ties, which are essential elements of successful curse breaking.

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