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Why Heal Memories?

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Why are Memories important 

How Memories effect our lives 

Each memory hold a part of us in time and space. Just thinking back can return us to a very special time and place in our lives filled with love, joy and safety. 

But what happens when the memory we hold is a traumatic. The opposite is true just thinking back can cause injury and pain all over again.. In the instants where the thoughts of those memories occur without wanting to think about them can really mess up your day. The memories which hold pain are actually damaging to the brain and hurt a person not only mentally, but also physically which can cause sickness in the body and reck havoc in the mind.  

By bring a spiritual healing to each Memory. One is able to receive physical healing in the body as well mental and emotional healing. As the part of the person who lived and experienced what is remembered receives healing so does the core part of the person who holds the memory. Which allows the other parts of the person who hold additional bad memories to experience the healing that was received by the memory that was healed thus making those other memories eager to receive healing of their own. 

Each bad memory is a shattered part of a person that perpetuates and radiates pain. By Healing those painful and bad memories through the process of Inner-Healing you can begin to embark on the process wholeness .

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