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Healing Starts Now

 Meet Dr. Heatheranne

Counselor and Inner-Healing Therapist

     Dr. Heatheranne Baker-Oldfield specializes in whole person counseling with an emphasis on the soul and spiritual matters. Now offering Inner-Healing and Deliverance to those in need. Perfect for anyone looking for answers to what is holding them back. Such as dealing with trauma, past hurt, double-mindedness, fear, addiction, PTSD, DID, MPD, epigenetics, past lives, including generational and spiritual issues just to name a few. 



  • Learn the answers to what is holding you back in life.

  • Find out how to get set free from the past and be completely healed from the hurt.

  • Locate the pain in your life and get rid of it once and for all. 

  • Find the peace and joy that you have been missing. 

  • Find FreedomNow247™ from toxic relationships, cults, and curses. 



         Let Dr. HEATHERANNE guide you one on one to wholeness. 

  • Background includes a double doctorate in Psychology & Theology with over ten years specializing in Inner-Healing and Deliverance, personal counseling and spiritual matters.

  • Author of the books: Au Moi Dubois, The Rescuer, and The Riddle.

  • Interviews include  "It's Your Divine Destiny" and "Rolling Stone Magazine"




Find FreedomNow247™

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Why Naturopathy

Why Inner-Healing?

It can help with


Breaking free from Generational issues, be it from a nurtured or natural environment, a spiritual bond, soul ties, curses or a matter of epigenetics.  Breaking free will enable you to realize the gifting, passion, potential, and blessings you can have in your life. 


 The trauma that does not go away, intrusive memories that keep flooding back, avoidance behavior, chronic pain, hypervigilance, negative emotions and mood which continues to hold someone in the past.  Through intense Inner-Healing and a willingness to return to the point of the pain, one can begin to move forward into wholeness.


The process of making one whole, sound, and healthy again. The restoration from an imbalance, damage or distress.  Healing is not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual. 

Soul Ties

Soul Ties are bonds between persons, places, events, and objects. The bond of desires both good and bad.  It is the reason breakups are so hard to get over. As people, we are drawn to certain types of people; which is why little girls grow up to marry men like their fathers. Or no matter how many people one may date they all have to same issues. It is why people who have dependencies are drawn to others with the same struggles. Also why people who have been abused find it so hard to break free. There is a depth in the soul and spirit that connects people as well as behaviors. Soul Ties often entangle a person leaving them dependent upon the other. Negative Soul Ties need to be broken and each part of the person returned and restored. 


 A traumatic event can lead to psychological symptoms long after physical injuries have healed. Emotional trauma occurs after an extremely stressful event such as a turbulent childhood and or sexual,

physical, mental and emotional abuse.  Symptoms may include depression, anxiety, flashbacks, personality changes, and or recurring nightmares. 


We have all heard the phrase "Stress Kills". Stress negatively affects our health, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Stress not only affects our relationships, diet, and work but also our dreams. Being tense and stressed out can really take its toll.  Which causes us to react differently than we would if we were not under stress.       







“Dr. Heatheranne is the reason I am able to move on from my past experiences and reoccurring issues from my time in the Marine Corps. As a veteran, I struggled with PTSD; but since working with Dr. Heatherane and going through the process of Inner-Healing I can now be proud of myself and my past ”

— James O.

Contact Information



2415 E Camelback Rd. Suite 700, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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